Pissed off. Computer art by Louise Peacock

So I just launched a new publication. ALFEW.

This is to be a virtual art display publications and having different sections is important so that different types of art can be featured in different sections. Great idea, right?

So I launch into setting this publication up, just yesterday (March 2). I get all the sections set up the way I want them, then I notice that Medium is offering a beta trial (opt in) of new page design. They say that you will be able to opt out at any time. I opt in.

Immediately all my…

Just a plain old crop. Photo by Louise Peacock

Orientpet Lilies

The Orienpet lilies are a cross between an Oriental and a Trumpet lily. They have been hybridized to grow really tall and quite sturdy.

This particular one was about 7 feet tall and was the victim of high winds and bent over, so I cut it and put it in a vase.

Orienpet Lily “Concadoro” ready to open fully. Photo by Louise Peacock

And Come Again Another day …

Don’t get me wrong — we need the rain, but come on, two-three days in a row???

I used to go out and work in the garden in pretty much any weather, but these days, my arthritis makes that a bit of a non-starter.

Of course, in addition to helping along with the trees, the rain DOES provide me with plenty of rain-on-flowers photo ops.

Gandalf thinks he sees a bird. Photo by Louise Peacock

Staring and Snoozing

It’s a rainy morning. The cats are on the bookshelf in my office. Taffy snoozes and Gandalf stares out the window. A movement catches his eye.

Laker. June 21, 2021. Pastel by Julie LoTauro

Homage to a special furry friend

July 14, 2006, our neighbours across the road, John and Liz, brought home a Golden Retriever pup they called Laker.

Dayily Strutters Ball after a heavy rain today. Photo by Louise Peacock

Flower beds that is

Heavy rain storms kept me from working today, so instead I decided to take a few “rain” photos. I thought our friend Dennett, would like them.

A lovely deep red Lillium. Photo by Louise Peacock

Sorry It’s Late…

This one came out two days ago. I took the photo thinking that my friend Dennett would really like it, then never got around to publishing.

It is really nice to see this Lily returning this year with no damage from the annoying Lily beetle, which destroys anything in the Lillium family. This year I mounded up coffee grounds around the bases of all the Lillium which is supposed to deter this pest, and so far, so good.

Greek Oregano flowering with gay abandon. Photo by Louise Peacock


So far my gardening year has been super busy and I have barely had time to work on our own garden. I am still working by myself — cannot have anyone in the car with me. Obviously working alone takes more time and I get less done.

So here finally are a few garden and plant shots to share with you. A lot of plants seem late this year.

Animation Art

A new ALFEW member, Bert Erdag, suggested a different art form, and I thought that a great idea.

A few years ago, I began to experiment with Smear animation. This was thanks to a suggestion from a brilliantly talented animator friend of mine, Aaron Long ( Tuca & Bertie )

I never got far, but I thought this was fun. I was messing about with short videos, and I used this silly truck video as part of the credits in videos that I created.


Taffy and Gandalf are watching a baby Sparrow that landed on the tree outside my office. Photo by Louise Peacock

Bird’s Eye View

I heard a noisy chirping and noticed the cats leaning toward the window. When I got up to see what was happening, there was this annoyed looking baby Sparrow perched in the tree, peering around, with ruffled feathers. It stayed there for ages, clearly looking for Mom. Eventually she must have come to the rescue, because it left.

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.

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