Pissed off. Computer art by Louise Peacock

Publications and Sections

So I just launched a new publication. ALFEW.

This is to be a virtual art display publications and having different sections is important so that different types of art can be featured in different sections. Great idea, right?

So I launch into setting this publication up, just yesterday (March 2). I get all the sections set up the way I want them, then I notice that Medium is offering a beta trial (opt in) of new page design. They say that you will be able to opt out at any time. I opt in.

Immediately all my…

Taffy, alert under the banket. Photo by Louise Peacock

Under Cover Cat

Gandalf and Taffy on the shelf in my office window listening to the Robins . Photo by Louise Peacock

Springtime for Kitties

There are no leaves on the trees yet, but the bird activity in the garden has ramped up.

The heated birdbath is a particular attraction for the Robins, Cardinals and Juncoes. They are also on the hunt for potential nesting sites.

The cats are really entertained by all the flying back and forth and the tweeting. They alternate between my office window and Bruce’s, which are on opposite sides of the house, and show different bird activities.

Gandalf with brush. Photo by Louise Peacock

Gandalfs’ Grooming Service

It cannot be said too often how much Gandalf loves to be brushed.

Houses on my old street, Bogert— one of these might even have been the very house I lived in. Photo credit Google Streetview.


I left the very colourful downtown Toronto for the more suburban Willowdale, which is where my girl friend Anne, and her family lived. (Willowdale is part of the Greater Toronto area, but north of the downtown area.)

Annes’ Mom, (Mrs. B — — ), a wonderful lady, had heard about just how colourful the part of town I had been living in had become, (See My Toronto — part 4) and insisted that I come and stay with them until I could find a suitable place of my own.

The B — — family was comprised of Anne, her Mom…

Cosmos. Photo by Louise Peacock

ALFEW Artist Facts

This section of ALFEW is where we will publish short stories about each artist.

In some cases all we will have is whatever they put in their Medium profile, but if they want to contribute a little “About me” article, 500 words max, this section is where we will put it.

I’ll start off with me.

Baltimore Oriole. Image credit the BioDiversity Heritage Library.

Rationale for Creating This Publication

After I started my publication, Catness, for cats, I decided to have a publication especially for animals, pets, that were not cats.

Sure — I could have had Catness cover everything, but thanks to being a bit OCD, that was not going to work for me. So, Petness.

At first I thought I would call it Dogness. But then I thought of all the companion and other non-dog animals I have known over the years, and I thought I should make it more general.

For example — I had a horse for a long time, I have assorted friends with…

Remembering Jezabel R.I.P.— March 2005 Photo by Louise Peacock

1958 Chevy convertible. Photo by Louise Peacock

I Wish I Had a Classic…

Unfortunately my garden gear would not fit in the one I REALLY want (Mustang).

These are some of the shots I took at a September 2008 classic car meet in Mississauga.

I will include the year of the car where I know it. If anyone reading this sees a car and knows the year, let me know, and I will add that info to the photo.

Angel on My Shoulder Daylily. Photo by Louise Peacock

A few of my faves

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.

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