Pissed off. Computer art by Louise Peacock

Publications and Sections

So I just launched a new publication. ALFEW.

This is to be a virtual art display publications and having different sections is important so that different types of art can be featured in different sections. Great idea, right?

So I launch into setting this publication up, just yesterday (March 2). I get all the sections set up the way I want them, then I notice that Medium is offering a beta trial (opt in) of new page design. They say that you will be able to opt out at any time. I opt in.

Immediately all my…

Gandalf and Taffy,. interruped during an afternoon nap. Photo by Louise Peacock

Sunny Afternoons

Taffy reclines watchfully. Photo by Louise Peacock

Life of a Cat

Jezabel (R.I.P.) takes over the couch. Photo Louise Peacock.

Remembering Jezabel

Our Jezabel was a character. When she arrived she was extremely overweight and lazy. she eventually lost some weight, but remained lazy.

Gandalf is glaring because a treat is too slow in coming. Photo by Louise Peacock

Gandalf is so cute …

Gandalf has figured out that if he hangs out on one of the stools in the room where we do photoshoots, we will take photos and give him treats. Not rocket science, I guess.

How to Submit A draft

A first,important note. None of this will work using your cell phone.

Submitting to the Publication

Once you have decided to write a new story, and are ready to publish it you will see the following screen come up.

At the top of the page, to the right are 3 dots, Click on the 3 dots.

The following will come up.

Gimme cookie! Photo by Louise Peacock.

Gandalf, the Ham

Taffy lounging in the sun. Photo by Louise Peacock

Late posting!!

Finn, posing for a portrait, September 2019. Photo by Bruce Walker

We Miss You Little Buddy

Back in 2008, after we had to part with our long time dog friend, Moka, we were not feeling very receptive to another dog. However, early in 2009, due to ongoing serious health issues in one our neighbours families, we ended up fostering two of their dogs. Finn and Tessa.

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.

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