Dodge Charger 442 probably 1973

I love Classic Cars. This piece is really just an excuse to share photos of classic cars I have viewed over the past 5 years.

The first classic car meet we saw was at our Mississauga City Hall. there were a limited number of cars there, due to the lack of space, but it was tremendous fun to look at them and meet some of the owners.

It was at that first car meet that we ran into a chatty and helpful gentleman called Dodie. Dodie was delighted to take us around and explain every detail regarding the cars on display. Dodie knew everyone.

Dodie seen here with his beautiful Monarch. probably circa 1950.

After chatting with the gregarious Dodie, we ended up going to a lot of local car meets. I loved it. I will admit that after a while you found you were looking at the same cars and the same people, so I have a lot of duplicate photos … but hey.

Top left shows a 1942 ford truck, heavily modified! To right shows 1958 Chevy ragtop. Bottom left shows a Ford Galaxie 500 and bottom right is a Buick 88, which as far as I can tell is either a 1949 or 1950.

Dissatisfied with the reduced size of the City Hall show, Dodie decided to run his own little show. He picked the parking lot of a popular hamburger place in the west end of Mississauga.

Top left and top right, fully restored 1937 Rolls Royce. Bottom left — Dodies 1986 Cadillac Deville, and bottom right, Andy’s Mustang, which he restored himself and which is, I think, a 1966.

It was at one of Dodies meets that we ran into Andy and Bob. These two characters both owned vintage Mustangs and were forever sniping at each other (in a good natured way, of course.

Sadly, not all the classic car owners we met were pleasant and friendly. Some of them seemed to feel that us taking photos of their cars was an affront. We usually passed these types by, unless they had a really amazing car.

Top left, 1963 Plymouth. top middle, 1963 Thunderbird. Top right Dodies other Caddy, a 1988. Bottom Bob and Andy wrangling over whose car is shiniest.

We sometimes ran into photographer friends at these gatherings.

Dodie explains some of the finer points of classic cars to an attentive photographer audience of Bruce Walker, John and Mannie Carvalho.

Mostly the owners of the classic cars were older people, like Andy and Dodie, but one day we ran into a very young person — 26 in fact — who had a passion for classic cars, and been fortunate enough to buy his uncle’s Corvette.

Sean and his ‘Vette. Definitely the youngest person we had met that was a classic car owner. Photo by Bruce M. Walker

It was always very pleasing to see how well these cars were kept up, but of course keeping them in good shape is not cheap and finding people who still understand the older engines and others who know how to restore the bodies is tricky. These cars need to be kept under cover during the winter months and if you don’t have sufficient space in your garage, you need to rent a space.

Top left, 1956 Ford Fairlane. Top right, 1957 Ford Fairlane. Bottom left 1959 Thunderbird. Bottom right 1962 Chevy Impala.

Aside from the maintenance and storage expense aspects of owning a classic car, there is the issue of the relatively few opportunities to showcase it. There are some local car meets, and there are some further afield. There are the really big ones across the border. The local ones are usually doable, but only if the weather is nice. Classic car owners are generally very unwilling to get rain on their cars. The meets that are further away can present problems for the very old cars, since highway speeds are higher than they can manage. Loading them onto a trailer is an option, and many do that.

This is what they do at the meets, they bring lawn chairs and hang out near their cars.



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Louise Peacock

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