Creepy Utility Company Preys on Ontario Taxpayers. Computer art by Louise Peacock

Greedy Canadian Utility Victimizes People

Here in Ontario, Canada.

Provincial Hydro Rates were reduced during the first part of the Pandemic, but now, just as winter is setting in, the utility company is raising them again, and not just raising them, but increasing them by two percent.

It’s as if they are trying to make up lost revenue for when they were forced to drop rates.

Dang me, Dang me, they ought to get a rope and hang me … I have been forced, once again, to take to FB to voice annoyance with current issues.

Most Ontarians MUST have heard that our Hydro rates are going up again — not just to what they were prior to the Pandemic, but they are raising them by 2% on top.

Where are the screams of indignation by the Provincial opposition parties?

Why hasn’t that mouthy NDP leader Horvath stood up for Ontario taxpayers and demanded that the Provincial government put a halt to any increase at this time?

It’s not like suddenly, everything is back to normal — people are STILL struggling, and will be for a while.

We are going into winter, heating costs will not just stop.

Recovering from this pandemic will be a long, hard process, allowing Hydro rates to go up at this time is inhumane.



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