Weezy’s Big Adventure At the Mall

These two paintings sum up how going to the mall makes me feel. Acrylic paintings by Louise Peacock.

Okay, I readily admit that I am NOT a Shopping Mall person. However, I had a few things I needed to get done at a local mall and decided that since today was a write off as far as gardening was concerned (raining), I would just get a few annoying errands done.

The mall opens at 10 am. My strategy is to get there for just before opening, park in a small, and less used parking area, which just happens to be right near an unpopular entrance …then waltz in and bee line for the first target store. (This entrance used to be for the now defunct cinemas and leads to the rest of the mall.)

Sparsely used parking lot, right near an unpopular entrance!

My first problem was locating the target stores. This mall has been undergoing renovations for months and they have re-located many of the stores.

So, I go to the store locator guide and stand in front of it trying to figure out their map. It turns out I have six places to go and they are all in different parts of the mall. Swellsy!

Because I still have a few minutes to kill, and it is right there, I decide to do a couple of boring purchases at Walmart (which I despise, but which opens much earlier than all the other retailers in the Mall).

Confused. Com puter drawing by Louise Peacock

I come out, and start to head for my first target store which happens to be Lush and happens to be within sight of Walmart. If you are unfamilar with Lush, it is a store which makes and sells wonderful bath and skin items. All made with botanical ingredients, ethically sourced and cruelty free. Great choice for Christmas gifts.

On the way over to Lush, I pass a lovely smelling and beautiful window displayed store called Bath and Body Works. Well, I thought, it’s on the way to Lush, it smells nice, and maybe I should see what they have.

As soon as I walk in the door, I am confronted by a hyperactive little sales person. With spiky hair and horribly fake blonde streaks.

Spiky hair and fake blonde streaks. Computer drawing by Louise Peacock

What am I looking for today, she wants to know. I explain this is my first visit to the store and I know nothing about the products. She tells me nothing about the products, but heads me toward a scented candle display and tells me that this would be a good choice.

When I say I am not interested in candles, but would like to see bath and shower products, and moisturizer products, she pouts and waves me in the general direction of a display on the far side of the store. She tells me her name, and says just call her if I need more help.

I look at the jumble of possible choices. There is a big sign which says “Buy 2, get one for free”, but there is no price.

I try to get her attention. Eventually she comes over and grudgingly tells me the price. I ask her about the product, to compare with what I could get at Lush. She reponds by telling me what a great product it is. I have not really been able to find out anything about the product.

Since I wasted 20 minutes in the store, but the items are pretty, I decide to get two trial size hands creams. I could feel her disdain as she rang them through. Clearly I am NOT the right demographic for this store. I guess if you have to ask the price, you are not in their ballpark!!

I next went to Lush and was able to get in and out in 5 minutes with what I needed. Two beautifully wrapped gift pacs. Big sigh of relief!

Lush soaps. Love them!!! Photo by Louise Peacock.

Then it was off to my next store where I had a discount card to use, except that when I arrived at the store, the discount card had vanished, fallen out of my pocket somewhere in the mall. Great, now there is a discount card floating around the stupid mall with my name and address on, and I can’t get the thing I came for. Curses.

Next call, Purdys, the chocolate store where I usually pick up a medium sized box of dark chocolates for my hubby. It is not the usual lady at the counter, and when I point to the size box and tell her that I want, 18 dark chocolate truffles, she says they don’t sell this.

The much sought after Purdy’s 18 piece box of dark chocolate truffles. Photo by Louise Peacock

This floors me. I get the same thing every month and they do SO sell it. I tell her that and she is adamant. She has worked there for 7 months and they DO NOT sell rectangular boxes with only dark truffles. The only sell long skinny boxes with 18 pieces of MIXED milk and dark truffles.

Bear in mind that I am already in a bit of a temper, so I say, “Well fine, then, I can go to your competitor at the other end of the Mall, Rocky Mountain Chocolates, and get them there”.

She doesn’t care. She is determined that she is not going to sell me 18 dark truffles in a rectangular box, because that is not how they come. Just as I am about to truck off to the far end of the mall and go to the other place, she has an idea “Oh, maybe they custom pack them for you” she says brightly.

Mmmmmm, Truffles. Photo by Louise Peacock

Brilliant. So eventually, I do manage to get the dark chocolate truffles, but the experience has left me fully emotionally drained and I just want to go home. I will not risk doing any other errands in the mall in my present state of mind,

This painting emulates my bad state of mind. Acrylic painting by Louise Peacock



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Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.